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Guilford Guitars and Parts
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Guilford Guitars, Inc.  is owned and operated by John Guilford. 

"I am a builder.  I view life that way from my faith, my family, my profession and my community. I am working to make Guilford Guitars a successful manufacturer right here in the United States from the ground up. I take pride in that because it is not easy to be successful manufacturing anything in the US. I am a Christian. Let me encourage you - consider taking a small step in his direction if you have not already in your life. No journey you ever take will be more fulfilling.  - John Guilford

In 1988, I graduated from The Guitar Institute of Technology (G.I.T.) in Hollywood CA. Those early years were filled with hours upon hours of playing the guitar and it has payed off well during the transition into luthiery. To make a remarkable guitar, you have to know what a musician needs in an instrument and then produce it on a level that is beyond their expectation.  Who better to do that than a player turned luthier? I have been making custom guitars for more than 20 years. That experience has led to the creation of a series of guitars that now form the foundation for the Guilford guitar line. These early guitars each had a feature unlike any that had come before but there was a continuity to them all that was unmistakably a Guilford guitar.  Now, the designs are refined - they are solidifying into a powerful line of new guitars and the stage is being set for measured expansion - the kind that builds a company known for quality and provides a product unrivaled in it's class.

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